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Peavey ProFex II Quick Guide
1. Dial in setting to edit by number on the right ( U90 in example) using DATA knob, or
buttons ( D)    Screen Reads     [A18 DANNY H U90]
    [3B-RV-SP-DL          ]
2.Using buttons ( I ) underline the first letter of name of setting. ( DANNY H in example)

3. Press edit button                       Screen Reads     [3B-RV-SP-DL          ]
                            [                                  ]

4.Using L/R buttons ( I ) underline first letter of entry to edit, 3B in this example.
5.Press edit button ( F )                      Screen Reads     [Type= Guitar 3B      ]
                            [ Ty Lo MF Hi          ]

6.Using L/R buttons ( I ) along bottom row, choose setting to adjust, i.e., Ty, Lo.

7. When cursor is under Ty, Type is what can be adjusted, using the ( D ) buttons.

8.Choose either Guitar, Voice, or Drastic.

Repeat for each option in the 3 Band Equalizer


9. Press edit button ( F )               Screen Reads   [ 3B-RV-SP-DL      ]
                            [                              ]

IO. Using L/R buttons ( I ), underline the minus sign between 3B and RV.

I 1. Choose the output level for the setting to the right of your present location.

Add/Del ( G ) will erase option above or to the right of the cursor.  If the space above and to the right is empty, or occupied by a minus sign, it will add an option, which you
can choose, using the ( D ) buttons to scroll through options.

12. Press Store/Exec, ( C)            Screen Reads     [Al 8 DANNY H U90]
                        [ store DANNY H      ]

13. Using L/R buttons ( I ) move cursor under U# (User Presets), to move to another
storage location ( # ) for new preset.

14.To change name (DANNY H), move cursor to letters
beside "store", and rename setting using L/R buttons ( I ).

15.Push PLAY ( A) when you are done editing.