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Lashley LeGrande III

                    LeGrande III

A "New Generation' Pedal Steel Guitar

By Danny Hullihen
Well folks, as you've probably heard, the Emmons Guitar Company has once again taken their World Class pedal steel guitar, and made it even better!

Perhaps some people may not consider this new invention to be "rocket science," nevertheless, this is the first major revolutionary improvement to happen to the pedal steel guitar in several years, and this will no doubt set a new "standard of excellence" for quality and innovation in the steel guitar manufacturing industry that many will want to follow.

The new Emmons Lashley LaGrande III is right "in tune" with the "World Class" quality we have all come to expect in the 90's, and once you've seen and played this new guitar, you'll probably be wandering why something like this wasn't thought about long ago, (but then again... maybe it was?)

Ron Lashley and his staff at the Emmons guitar company have applied the laws of physics and math, (for which Ron is world renowned,) and have developed an innovative anti-detuning device.  The new "anti-detuner" is unlike the compensators that are presently being used, as it literally does away with detuning associated with cabinet drop and other structural weaknesses inherent in virtually all pedal steel guitars.

By integrating a system of pivots and levers actuated by the same pedals that pull your strings out of tune, Emmons has eliminated the detuning problems.  The pivot and lever system stabilize the guitar’s body and undercarriage against shifting and cabinet drop to maintain precise tuning.

Until now, cabinet drop was something that many of us have had to learn to live with and work around, and it has been one of the main topics in many conversations among pros and amateurs alike.  Although detuning due to cabinet drop is something that perhaps might only be heard by those with really keen ears, and/or those who are extremely "meter" conscious, nevertheless, it was a problem.  This was something that had to be contended with, both in live performances and in the studio/recording environment.

The folks at Emmons know what it is that causes the detuning problems on pedal steel guitars, and it can be attributed to certainly more than just one thing.  This is why they have also made their new "anti-detuning" device, "tunable." By incorporating a tuning mechanism, this system will allow the pitch to remain rock stable, regardless of the cause of the detuning.  The new device is very simple to tune, and you don't need any wrenches.

Although the new Emmons anti-tuning invention may appear to be somewhat simple in design, it is a major breakthrough in steel guitar technology, making the Emmons Lashley LeGrande III a whole "new generation" of pedal steel guitar.

Before releasing the new Emmons Lashley LeGrande III to the public, Ron Lashley took his new invention to Nashville to get the opinions of some of the nations foremost pedal steel guitarists.  The feedback Ron received from Nashville's steel guitarists was phenomenal, and the new LeGrande III was very well received... much more so than Ron had ever anticipated!

In each and every case, and with every steel guitarist that tried it out, all had basically said the same thing... "This is the best thing that has happened for the pedal steel guitar in many decades!" one guy commented that this was the first time in his life as a steel guitarist that he was able to play minor chords the way he wanted to, and still be in tune with the rest of the band!  John Hughey also had the opportunity of trying out the Lashley LeGrande III, and he put in an order for three of them right on the spot!

It's a well known fact that Emmons has always built one of the finest steel guitars in the world, and I sincerely believe that they have really outdone themselves this time.  A review of their backlog of orders for this new guitar tells me that there are obviously hundreds of others who share that same feeling.

Although you could just take my word for it on this one folks...don't.  If you can locate someone who might already have one of the new Emmons Lashley LeGrande III's, try it out for yourself, and I'm sure you'll discover within minutes that everything I've told you here is absolute, and I will guarantee you that you'll be amazed and overwhelmingly pleased with this innovation.  The folks at Emmons are really excited over this new invention, as are many of Nashville's finest steel guitarists, and with good reason!

If you've been pondering the idea of getting a new steel guitar, or trading in an old one, the decision of "what to buy" has now been made much easier, and you won't find anything like it anywhere else.  The staff at Emmons are now geared up and ready, And have gone into overtime to fill the orders that have been coming in for this new guitar.

So if you think you might want one of the new Emmons Lashley LeGrande III pedal steel guitars, now would be the opportune time to get your orders placed.  It's not just another new pedal steel guitar, but rather a whole "new generation" of pedal steel guitars.

I want to thank all of you for the many letters you've been sending me.  Your comments are very much appreciated as well as needed.

On behalf of Steel Guitar World Magazine and the steel guitar and products manufacturers, we want to say thank you for your support.  Your continued support is what helps us to keep this industry going strong, and it gives the manufactures the incentive to constantly strive for better products for today, as well as in the years to come.  As always, feel free to write anytime.

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