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By Danny Hullihen
Since the announcement of the new "Anti-Detuning" system now being incorporated into the Emmons Lashley LeGrande III, many new changes are now taking place in steel guitar manufacturing.

As we know, all pedal steel guitars experience some degree of detuning due to cabinet drop.  Although there are other reasons associated to detuning problems, such as, friction and/or flexing of an integral part, many years of research has pinpointed where the majority of detuning occurs.

There are structural weaknesses inherent in virtually all pedal steel guitars, however, the cabinet is unquestionably the weakest and most vulnerable part of the structure.  With that as a given, manufacturers began searching for the ultimate answer to correct this problem.  Hence, the no-detune/anti-detune stabilizing devices that we are now seeing today.

The new no-detune systems are a giant step forward for the pedal steel guitar industry, and is the first major revolutionary improvement to the pedal steel guitar in several years.  Now, Herb Remington, owner of Remington Steel, has incorporated an "adjustable truss-rod stabilizer" device into his steel guitars as their effort to solving this problem.  ""The Remington Stabilizer System.  "

The new Remington Stabilizer System has been installed at the changer, and is completely adjustable (tunable) which is reminiscent of the adjustable truss-rods used in the necks of guitars such as Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, and other high quality guitars of similarity.

Remington reports that their new Stabilizer System does not interfere with the pedal and knee action, and therefore makes everything feel and work the same as it did prior to this new device.  What's more, the new Remington Stabilizer System can be installed on any new guitar, and at no additional cost!  Herb says that this new device is an additional advantage for those steelers with keen, discerning ears, and he wishes to pass this advantage on to all his customers... gratis.

Remington reports that their standard S L X Sustainmaster guitars are still available for those not wanting and/or needing the Stabilizer System. Remington also offers compensators for the occasional string that won't return properly, or was adversely affected when a neighboring pedal or knee lever was activated.  However, Herb says that in all the years they have been building steel guitars, he has never had an order for tuning compensators,

Remington Steel offers many beautiful colors of natural wood grain finishes, as well as several different colors of forrnica finishes.

For more information about the new Remington S L X Sustainmaster guitars, or the Remington Stabilizer System, be sure to contact Herb Remington at Remington Steell, 2102 Jean Street.  Houston, Texas 77023.  Or call Herb at (713) 923-8435.

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