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By Danny Hullihen

For those of you who might be looking for a new case for your steel guitar, or perhaps are thinking about upgrading an old one, Jim Greer can build you a case for just about any application you need.

Jim Greer started building cases for the steel guitarist about four years ago.  During that time, Jim started getting a lot of requests to build custom cases for both, general purpose and heavy duty road use.  Jim has also been building 3-space rack mount cases for those of us that were using rack mount processors and amplifiers.  

Today, all Greer cases are custom made to order.  This process insures absolute quality control.  Unlike standard issue guitar cases that came with your guitar in the past, when you order a case from Greer, it is made to fit  your guitar exactly. Those of you who have been lucky enough to get a Greer case with your guitar from the manufacturer will appreciate what I'm talking about here.  I had no idea that cases could vary that much in quality until I got my first case from Greer, however, the differences were indeed night and day!

For instance; as opposed to cheap plywood applications, Greer uses top quality 1/2" Baltic Birch for the sides and ends of his cases.  The top and bottom of the case is made of 1/4" Luan.  Using exact specifications as supplied by the customer, Jim then assembles his cases using Titebond glue and 1-1/2" staples.  To make the case even stronger, Greer uses 2" screws on all corners, top and bottom.  The end result... an extremely durable case capable of withstanding abuse in conditions where other cases would likely fail.  

Jim Greer is committed to buying only the best material and hardware available, and although this does cost him more, Jim just won't settle for low grade material.  Despite the additional expense Jim incures of obtaining first-class materials, you'll discover that Greer cases usually don't cost anymore than a standard case, and in fact, they are many times less than other brands.

For the outside of the case, Jim uses Ozite, which is a very durable material, the same as what is being used by many of todays amplifier manufacturers.  If desired, Jim will apply panels of crushed velvet in the guitar compartment.  A nice touch, as well as offering extra protection for your valuable instrument.   

As I'm sure most of you will agree, a steel guitar, (whether new or used,) is somewhat of a major investment.  Don't trust your investment to a case that was made to do little more than give you some kind of a flimsy "box" to transport it around in.  So if you've had any thoughts about getting a new case for your guitar, I strongly recommend contacting Jim Greer before laying down your hard earned cash for another brand case that is quite likely to be inferior in quality to a Greer case.  You might pay more, and you might pay less, but I doubt you'll find anything equal in quality for value compared to what you'll find in a Greer case.   Custom built to "your" specifications...

For those of you interested in finding out more about Greer cases, you can contact Jim Greer directly at:  (281) 895-6885  Voice Mail is:  (713) 217-0476 or you can send a fax to:  (281) 895-8630.  If you would like to visit Greer on the web:
The retail price for Greer Custom Cases are as follows:
S-10   Regular $170.00     
D-10  Regular       $184.00         
S-10  Road Grade $245.00
D-10 Road Grade    $259.00
Non-Pedal Regular         $170.00
Non-Pedal Road Grade      $245.00
Rack Mount - 3 Units         $164.00